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Announcements and Law Updates

Announcements and Law Updates

Marsy's Law Won Big

Now that Marsy’s Law won big at the ballot box, it’s up to the courts to decide if it becomes part of the Kentucky Constitution. If it does, there are some big changes coming to the Kentucky criminal justice system.

Ten new protections for victims wold be added to the Kentucky Constitution. For example, victims would have the right to have a lawyer represent their interests at court proceedings, including bail release hearings; hearings to accept a plea agreement and at sentencing. This new right alone will be a dramatic change to the criminal justice process.

Think about it. Victim’s attorneys would have standing (the right to be heard) at the most critical phases of the criminal justice process. Victims for the first time would have a constitutional right to have their concerns put on the record and heard by the court. With a lawyer representing them, their impact on the system will be far greater than it has ever been in the past.

If you have been a victim of a crime, consider carefully who you would chose to represent your interests. As a former state and federal prosecutor, I have the significant experience in the criminal justice process needed to enforce the rights of victims, whether it be to keep the victim safe from the offender, recover restitution to compensate the victim for the criminal offense, or insure the sentence reflects the extent and seriousness of the harm done to the victim.

If you are a victim of a crime, you should consider retaining a lawyer to represent you. That lawyer should have the extensive and significant experience necessary to make sure your voice is heard at every important step in the process.

Keeping you safe, recovering your restitution and emphasizing your feelings at sentencing are too import not to have an attorney.