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Announcements and Law Updates

Announcements and Law Updates

UPDATE: Marsy's Law: Changes in 2018

Marsy’s Law, a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Kentucky in November, is named after Marsy Nicholas, a college co-ed who was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend in California in 1983. According to the Courier-Journal, recently a judged ruled that the measure was to vaguely worded to be counted as an official vote.

Currently, the vote is for a constitutional amendment as opposed to a statute passed by the General Assembly. If it passes as a constitutional amendment, it can only be changed by an additional constitutional amendment. A statute can be changed by the next legislative session if there are any problems with the law.

Kentucky’s constitution was adopted in 1891 and has only been amended 41 times. The most recent amendment passed in 2012 and involved protecting hunting and fishing rights.

Fifteen states have passed Marsy’s Law. Several states including South Dakota, Montana, and New Hampshire, have either sought to amend the law or rejected it outright. The law has come under court review in several states including Kentucky, Florida and Montana.

Stay tuned to find out how the changes will affect crime victims in 2019. And click below to read more about how Kentucky judges and voters are responding:

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